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 Takumi Ogawa

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PostSubject: Takumi Ogawa   Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:24 pm

Name: Takumi Ogawa
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Random statistics: He is from the air gear anime also known as Air trek

Physical Description: Hair Style and Color: blue long hair often pulled back into a ponytail. *Steven segal style* Look: Short pale average body green eyes Outfit:A random color hoody and jeans long shorts

Personality Description: Talkative and playful and random but also moody. YOU AVERAGE TEEN who happens to want to be the best at life and in essence rule the world. . .

Skills, powers and abilities: His skills are
riding ats (motorized roller blades)
Intermediate fighting abilities with unpredictable burst of speed.
Innate sense of direction no matter where he is.
Highly intelligent although not quite a genius.
Faster than human reflexes from riding ATS.

Character Equipment: His ATS A.T.s: Chimera - an at with broad wheels for better control and handling with retractable wings like a planes allowing not for flight but for a lighter step increasing reaction speed and cornering all the more.
Look- Eagle head at the toe and lions legs at the heel
Color-white and blue
Wheels: 2
Wheel Design- wide Wheel Color- blue and white
He also carries a pair of gloves with steel palms.
Character History: A young man known at a young age to be a talented driver but not a rider. He didnt become a rider until his late teens when he realized the ATS can take him where cars cannot. Now he seeks power in the streets of MARP city and wants a gang that can rule them all.
Image: A pic of your char if possible to better visualize them.
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Takumi Ogawa
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