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 How to start a Campaign

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PostSubject: How to start a Campaign   Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:46 pm

Rules there are none except for those your DM set in place. However if things get out of hand we reserve the right to delete a campaign no questions asked. That said starting a campaign is easy DM can only run 3 campaigns at once and players can only be involved in 3 at once. Also your characters cant be in multiple campaigns its too confusing. I know what someone is thinking. "I will run 3 campaigns and play in 3" That is a no no. Put simply anyone on the forum is allowed only 3 campaigns at once. Do not insert your self into campaigns already going unless DM allows it. This does not mean reply to a topic. Send them a message inserters will be banned. Its really up to the DM how your post order will go but the standard is in the order oh highest initiative. Have fun. Oh to make things smoother DM declares the Edition in the title like this "Soulbishops Trials (DnD 4e)" or "Shoot it! (D20 Modern) and yes all variations of DnD are welcomed upon Admin approval. Oh dungeon maps should be linked by DM!

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How to start a Campaign
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