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 Creating a Character

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PostSubject: Creating a Character   Mon Jul 14, 2008 5:53 pm

Its simple really fill out the form below and post it in a reply to the Creating a Character Topic in Character Submissions/bios as well as post it in a topic named after your character as well as your bio and story you have created for them thus far. We demand you keep your bio up to date so as new members join in they know who you are and what you are involved in.
Things to keep in mind when creating a character
1. You are not god and other players will let you know that.
2. Be descriptive and creative (we dont want 20 narutos or 11 ichigos)
3. Do not be overly complex no one wants to hear about the guy who has shoes that shoot rockets via a whole in the sole of the foot when ever he clicks his heels 2 time in the space of 3 seconds. . .
4. Have fun with it.


Random statistics:
As it sounds. The very basics are simply stated here.

Physical Description:
Describe your character's usual appearance in more detail here. This includes attire, as much as how they walk, their mannerisms, and so forth. Remember that if your character's physical appearance radically changes, then you will need to submit a new profile for reference purposes.

Personality Description:
What motivates and drives your character—money, morals, power, love? What kind of person are they? What's their goal? How does their mind tick?

Skills, powers and abilities:
List and justify your powers in this section, and list their Level. Detail, justification, creativity and attention to detail are all paramount. If you simply write out 'I have Big Bang attack!!!' then we shall not accept it. There is no limit to the number of abilities you may possess, however you should stick to the general theme of your character, and Moderators and the HGMs of this forum reserve the right to reject your character submission if you have an unjustifiably ridiculous quantity of powers.

Character Equipment:
What items does your character carry? You must describe how you obtained them, and if your explanation is deemed to be unrealistic, the equipment might be removed from you at Moderator and HGM discretion.

Character History:
You can leave this blank for now if you wish if you're going through initiations. You always can build on this later. If you are not going through initiations, then this section needs to be filled out.
Image: A pic of your char if possible to better visualize them.
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Creating a Character
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