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 Side Story Rules

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PostSubject: Side Story Rules   Mon Jul 14, 2008 5:54 pm

The same as before. Except a few adjustments

1. Other Characters. They belong to their owners, whether their owner created them or adopted them. Do not play other people's characters. Unless you have been given permission to do so by the owner, playing characters that do not belong to you will result in loss of privileges. (mainly you wont rp again)
Speaking of which, we also reserve the right to move your character if that character is holding up the RP for everyone else. If we cut off any RP you may have going by doing this, feel free to RP it between those involved and post it as a side story.
5. Know where you are this is a forum not a chat room. 1337 speek is nt w3lcum hear! Use proper sentence structure please. Try to post in 3rd person I this and I that is hard to understand in RP and we like to know a chars name and also concerning posting we have a few symbols that should be used.
""= speaking vocally
--=inner thoughts.
((ooc))= out of character
6. Cursing is allowed racist slurs are not.
7. Dont god mod if you are running and someone tosses marbles on the ground you wont ALWAYS SEE THEM! LIKE YOU WONT ALWAYS DODGE A PUNCH!
8. Never over manage someones arc (story) they worked hard dont screw it up.
9. You are allowed 2-3 characters upon Admin or mod approval BUT YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RP WITH YOURSELF!
10. Have fun dont harass people.
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Side Story Rules
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